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Powder Coating Machine/Powder Coating Machines for Sale
Powder Coating Machine
This video is explains the three main advantages to KCI brand powder coating machines also known as powder coating guns or systems. Powder coating machines are used commercially to apply paint in the form of dry powder to metal, plastic and wood. Powder coat paint is different from wet paint applications in that it does not contain any harmful solvents and is more environmentally friendly.

The powder is applied electrostatically meaning that the powder coating machine positively charges the powder with electricity and shoots them towards the object to be painted which is negatively grounded.

This attracts the powder directly to the work piece and minimizes over-spray and waste. The electrostatic charge in the powder creates a bond between the powder and work piece surface. The work piece is then cured in an oven to permanently bond the powder to the piece and create a durable long-lasting finish.
KCI powder coating machines have 3 built in advantages over or comparable machines sold.
First, they cost up to 40% less the other leading brands of powder coating machines, Second, they ship pre-assembled by freight for free, saving the customer hundreds of dollars, and third it’s the only gun with a no wait warranty. This is important because it minimizes the down time a shop has if their powder coating machine brakes down.
KCI powder coating machines are available in both manual and automatic configuration and can be seen at http://kcipowdercoatingequipment.com/.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmMj-ERxfzs 1wegIA
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